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Victorian Lavalier Photo 1
Victorian Lavalier Photo 2
Victorian Lavalier Photo 3

Late Victorian 14k Lavalier

Comprised of Three Coral Pellets, Three Coral Teardrops and Seven Natural Pearls. $650
Victorian Bangle Bracelet Photo 1
Victorian Bangle Bracelet Photo 2
Victorian Bangle Bracelet Photo 3

Victorian Gold-Washed Sterling Silver Garnet-Encrusted Hinged Bangle Bracelet

This deep-red genuine garnet encrusted hinged bangle bracelet has a solid sterling silver setting with a 14K gold wash. The bracelet is pure Victorian styling with a floating medallion of round and pear shaped garnets and a bifurcated band that encircles the back with a dual row of round garnets. SOLD
Deco Ensemble Photo 1
Deco Ensemble Photo 2
Deco Ensemble Photo 3

Art Deco Inspired Coral, Jet & Agate Necklace & Bracelet Ensemble By Juliana of Manila

This stunningly handsome bracelet and necklace ensemble was created by Juliana of Manila, Philippines. Both the bracelet and the necklace are composed of beads of peachy orange coral, rings and carved beads of horn, beads of black glossy agate and tiny beads of faceted onyx. Overall length the necklace measures 11.5” and a wearable length of 15”. The bracelet has an overall length of 8”. $295

Clamper Bracelet Photo 1
Clamper Bracelet Photo 2
Clamper Bracelet Photo 3

Solid Sterling Silver Mexican Hand Made Clamper Bracelet

This a bold and handsomely designed 925 solid sterling silver Mexican hand crafted clamper bracelet from the 1950’s. The design is a boldly stylized depiction of flowering cactus. The bracelet weights a very generous 79.40 grams of solid silver and measures 70.55 mm wide X 62 mm deep X 63 mm high. SOLD