Oil painting by Mazzolini Photo 1
Oil painting by Mazzolini Photo 2
Oil painting by Mazzolini Photo 3

Oil on Canvas of Jesus with John the Baptisté

By Giuseppe Mazzolini (b. Camerino, Italy 1806 - d. Rome,Italy 1876)Signed Upper Left. Price Upon Request

Painting by Claudio Rinaldi Photo 1
Painting by Claudio Rinaldi Photo 2
Painting by Claudio Rinaldi Photo 3

“Vino Santo” - Oil on Canvas by Claudio Rinaldi (1852-1909?) Florence, Italy

Signed Upper Left. $7200

Pietra Dura Plaque Photo 1
Pietra Dura Plaque Photo 2
Pietra Dura Plaque Photo 3

Vintage Italian Pietra Dura Plaque of Magnolia Blossom

Pietra Dura is the Italian name for the technique of inlaid hard stone. Practiced for centuries, this technique was made famous in Venice. -Here is a fine example, done in colored agates in a black onyx base. Circa 1950’s Florentine Italian.. SOLD

Nude with Jug Photo 1
Nude with Jug Photo 2
Nude with Jug Photo 3

Large Subtle Pastel on Paper of Pensive Nude with Jug

This subtly executed pastel pictures a pensive nude girl next to a large green glass jug. The work is delicately modeled and resides in an unusual Art Deco stridulated frame with clipped corners adding to its Art Deco feeling. The piece dates to the early 1920’s and is unsigned. The outside frame size is 16” X 20” and the image size is 13.5” X 17.625” overall. $495

Manol Painting Photo 1
Manol Painting Photo 2
Manol Painting Photo 3

Painting by Manol of Harbor Diners on a Terrace

Lovely 20th century oil on canvas painting by Manol of a woman and child at a lakeside harbor dining terrace, with a hillside village and sailboats in the background. Lavishly colored in the impressionistic style with palette knife. The painting measures 24” wide X 20.25” high and the actual picture image measures 15.50” X 11.5”. The painting is clearly signed in the lower left hand corner.The frame is gold leaf with a linen liner to set off the image from the frame. SOLD

Bronze Sculpture Photo 1
Bronze Sculpture Photo 2
Bronze Sculpture Photo 3

Bronze Sculpture of a Torso by Canadian Artist Trottier

This magnificent 20th-century bronze sculpture is by the renowned Canadian artist Gaetan Trottier. The piece is titled ”Petite Venus De Huy”. It measures 8.375” tall, X 3.875” wide X 3.5” deep. The piece weighs in at approximately12 lbs. The piece is signed and bears the foundry mark on the side. The sculpture is in mint condition with its original finish and patina. $7,500

Tea Roses Painting Photo 1
Tea Roses Painting Photo 2
Tea Roses Painting Photo 3

Painting of Pink Tea Roses in a Low Bowl

This is an unsigned early 20th century painting of open tea roses in a low white bowl. The painting is oil on canvas and resides in a period gold-leaf frame. The frame measures 18.5” X 15.5” while the actual image size is 13.625” X 10.5”. $395

Eglomisé Picture A Photo 1
Eglomisé Picture A Photo 2
Eglomisé Picture A Photo 3

Pair of Eglomisé Floral Pictures with Tinted Crumpled Silver Foil Backs

This pair of Late Victorian pictures uses a black Eglomisé field and finely detailed line work to define two different urns containing flowers in one and fruit and flowers in the other. Each image is in its original frame and measures 10.25” X 12.25” for the frame while the actual image measures 8.5” X 10.75” $395 pair

Eglomisé Picture B Photo 1
Eglomisé Picture B Photo 2
Eglomisé Picture B Photo 3
Kimono Woman Painting Photo 1
Kimono Woman Painting Photo 2
Kimono Woman Painting Photo 3

Japanesque-Inspired Portrait of Woman in Kimono

This is a large oriole canvas, with an indistinct signature. We believe it to be 20th century. The painting is quite generous in size at 25.25” X 36” with a visible canvas size of 20.5” X 31” The frame is gold leaf with an undulating pattern. We believe the signature might read N. DuVal. SOLD